“Thanks to the support of HSH Prince Albert II, to whom we express our deep gratitude:

  • The HSH Prince Albert II Cup, won by Andrea Brezzo, was awarded at the second Monaco Pàijeda Championships in 2022;
  • Monégasque Pàijeda has been recognised by the Monégasque Olympic Committee;

  • on 9 March 2021, Peace and Sport became an official partner of the Monégasque martial arts Pàijeda Federation;

  • Pàijeda classes for over 100 people are held at the prestigious Stade Louis II stadium in Monaco, in association with the Monaco Department of Education, Youth and Sport (DENJS);
  • six Pàijeda training courses have taken place (in 2020, 2021 and 2022) as part of the Pass’Sport Culture initiative, organised by the DENJS;
  • four training courses were able to be organised at the Stade Louis II, offered to practitioners of Pàijeda, supervised by renowned experts in different disciplines;
  • A day to come and discover Pàijeda was organized at the Louis II stadium”.


On behalf of the members of the founding Steering Committee of our Federation of Pàijeda, a Monegasque martial art, whom I thank for their valuable contribution, I would like to express:

  • our deep gratitude to H.S.H. Prince ALBERT II for His decisive support;
  • our warm thanks to all the people and partners who support our discipline, thus contributing to the development of this new 100% Monegasque martial art which is in line with the values promoted and supported by our country. »

Founder of the Monegasque martial art, Pàijeda
National Technical Director of the Pàijeda Federation, monegasque martial art