Claude Pouget
Founder of the Pàijeda

Monegasque martial art

This 100% martial art is the result of my syntheses, adapted to the characteristics of different practicing audiences, coming from the richness of these martial arts and of my experience :

– 1/ on the one hand, I have been practicing and teaching martial arts for almost half a century, with training received in Monaco and internationally, certified in nearly twenty disciplines and having practiced, for several of them, as a competitor (combat or techniques).distinguished at the Hall of Fame especially as a “Grand Master” in Marial Arts (2015) and “Self-Défense” (2017), being:

  • Eleven time certified expert in France or internationally ;


  • State Superior certified Teaching Diploma (B.E.2) in Karaté and Krav-Maga and Stage multi-graduate in Kickboxing, Full-contact, Sports de contact, Muaythaï, Sambo, Wushu, Penchak Silat, Wester Boxing, Wrestling ; Federal Instructor in Mixed Martial Arts (M.M.A), Brasilan Jiu-Jitsu ; Federal certified teacher in Grappling ;


  • Seventeen times black belts : 8th Degree in Kickboxing, 7th Dan in Krav- Maga (highest grade of this art in Monaco, in France and in Europe), 6th Dan in Karate, 6th Degree in K1-Rules, in Full-Contact and in Kickboxing Défense, 3rd Dan in Wushu, 3rd degree black belt in Sambo and in Personal Défense ; 2ndDegree black belf in Penchak silat ; black belt (1st Dan) in Judo-JuJitsu, Black grade in Free Wrstling (Master), Black mitaine in Mixed Martial Arts (M.M.A), Ceinture noire 1st Degree black belt in Kyushu Jitsu.


  • Victorious in a hundred competitions in several disciplines (Karate, Karaté with KO, Wester boxing, Judo Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Kickboxing) and World chamion in Krav-Maga (in technic) ;


  • National technical Director (from 2001) in three Monegasques federations about Pàijeda, Kickboxing, Krav-Maga, Pancrace, Wushu, Muaythaï et associated disciplines (Penchak Silat, Kyusho Jitsu, Kali Eskrima), approved by the Monaco Government.

In Krav-Maga, one of my specialties, a part of :

– the World Federation of Krav-Maga (W.F.K.M.), I am a member of the director and technical committees, World referee.

– the French Federation F.F.K, Krav-Maga delegate under the Ministry of Sports, I am, from 2011, member of the national commission (participating to the administration and Krav-Maga evolution in France) and F.F.K. Federal expert (from 2015) certified to manage federal training in France. As a member of the grade national commission (from 2017), in France, participating to the administration of the graduation programm at national level, I a Jury member of Jury for graduation examination for accessing from 1st to 6 Dan awarded in France in Krav-Maga. National Referee, I am (from 2018) responsible for Krav-Maga Grades in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region and in the Maritime Alps.

– the Monegasque Federation of the Pàijeda, Kickboxing, Krav-Maga and Associated Disciplines, as a national technical director, I am a chief, specially, of the grades commissions for Krav-Maga, from 1st to 6TH Dan and for Kickboxing, from 1st to 7 Degree black belt.

I teach different audiences of practitioners (children, teenagers, adults, mixed, private or public security professionals, beginners and confirmed) on different themes (child education, leisure, competition, security and well-being) and the training and coaching of the competitors (from the beginner level in the discipline) having won world champion or vice-champion Krav-Maga and Muaythai, and national titles in the same disciplines and also in Kickboxing.

In 2012 I had the privilege of receiving the silver medal in PE and Sports, awarded by HSH Prince Albert II, as well as the Gold Medal in Sports awarded by the Mayor of Monaco, Georges Marsan;

Silver medal in PE and Sports

Gold medal in Sport

-2/ on the other hand, I have carried out my duties as Police Officer in Monaco for thirty years, and I have most relevantly acted as Head of the Elite Intervention Unit in charge of the Protection of Top Officials (the equivalent of R.A.I.D.), Commanding officer of an intervention group and investigation at the Judicial Police or Legal Trainer (Self Defense Legislation), being a Master in Law, at the Police School and in Self Defense activity for which I was congratulated by the Director of Public Safety. At the end of my career with the State Police, I had the privilege of receiving the silver-gilt medal of honour and also the title of honorary police commander awarded by HSH Prince Albert II.

Congratulations by the Director of Public Safety.

Silver-gilt medal of honour

Congratulations by the Director of Public Safety after creation of the Pàijeda

In Monaco, I otherwise hold the position of Legal Advisor and co-manager of a Wellness and Coaching company, and technically directs the International Academies of Martial Arts of Cap d’Ail and Krav-Maga in Beausoleil (06), bordering municipalities of Monaco.

Co-founder and Managing Director of the “Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters and Trophy”, having organised 30 fighting sports world championships including 7 in Muay Thai and 23 in Kickboxing, which were internationally broadcast, I was honored by the WAKO PRO prestigious organization with the title of global Kickboxing promoter in 2013, 2016, 2017, and 2018!”

declares Claude Pouget.